Tea:A Global History

Reaktion Books, London, 2010

This book explores this rich and fascinating history of tea and looks at the economic and social uses of tea, such as its use as a currency during the Tang dynasty; its role in American independence at the Boston Tea Party; afternoon tea drunk by the British in India; and the 1913 creation of a tea dance, or Thé Dansant, that combined tea with tango. The book also explores where and how tea is grown around the world and how customs and traditions surrounding the beverage have evolved from its legendary origins to its present day popularity. Featuring vivid images as well as recipes from around the world, Tea is a refreshing stimulating treat.’ 

‘The story of tea, as Saberi chooses to tell it, is as much to do with travel as with history … Reading this book brought back so many memories … What madeleines did for Proust, tea does for me. And so does this delightful book.’ Sue Arnold, Asian Affairs.
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