I am a culinary historian living in London, England. My interests in food and food history are varied. I have written a number of books and articles on diverse subjects – Afghan food, cookery and traditions, trifle, sausages, puddings, curry, turmeric, tea and teatimes. I have given papers at the Oxford Symposium on Food and Cookery on Afghan foodways and have also contributed something like one hundred entries for The Oxford Companion to Food ranging from aşure to Belgium to mooncakes and tiffin. I also contributed four entries for The Oxford Companion to Sugar and Sweets on Eton mess, fools, trifle and tea. By researching and writing about these subjects I hope to share my insights and understanding with readers and audiences around the world.

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  • Teatimes: A World Tour ‘China or Indian? Black or green? Oolong or lapsang? Milk in first or last – or avoid controversy with a slice of lemon? These and all other questions relating to the dried leaves of Camellia sinensis, raw material of the world’s most venerable refreshment, are addressed with appropriate elegance by culinary historian Helen Saberi. Scholarly text, gorgeous illustrations, high production values and a handful of classic recipes make this a proper teatime treat.’ - Elisabeth Luard, The Oldie

    ‘Helen Saberi has created a wonderful collection of facts and fancies, as well as a few fantasies, covering all aspects of Tea and tea drinking that will be treasured by, not just lovers of tea, but anyone who has an interest in history and all the quirky bits and pieces that somehow end up becoming a tradition.’ – Blue Wolf Reviews